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Certificate of Recognition

Our Area Officer Adam Williams has received a Certificate of Recognition for his Proactive approach to identifying hazards and commitment to Health and Safety.

Adam has reported a total of 86 Hazards and 10 near misses within the first few months of 2017. He has shown a positive attitude towards the heath and safety by having this positive attitude he's potentially prevented 96 accidents or incidents!

Well done Adam, very well deserved.



21 July, 2017
Press Release National Grid Corporate Property in association with 14forty

A.P. Broome Landscapes Ltd are excited to formally announce the acquisition of a new contract working in direct partnership with 14forty, a division of Compass Group UK & Ireland, to service National Grid’s Corporate Property division. Building upon over 40 years of successful allegiance with one of the UK’s energy giants, A.P. Broome Landscapes have now been selected as the primary grounds maintenance contractor on National Grid sites nationwide. This expansion sees our company move into previously unserviced areas including the South East, South West and South Wales, whilst retaining key areas nationally.
This exciting new project comes as the result of a successful soft-services tender undertaken in partnership with Facilities Management company, 14forty. From the outset of the Corporate Property contract, we will be providing the high quality service that has become synonymous with our company expectations, in order to nurture the growth and development of our business. Alongside 14forty’s similarly excellent standards, we hope to combine our extensive industry knowledge and exquisite service delivery to provide unprecedented results. We look forward to establishing a mutually fruitful relationship over the course of the next 5 years.

19 February, 2016
National Grid Sustainability Conference

Our team attended a Sustainability Conference yesterday. They delivered a market stall on Pernicious Weeds, letting our clients know what to look out for and the best practice treatment methods.

A P Broome Landscapes was voted the best market stall of the day, so a big congratulations to everybody involved.

24 September, 2015
Employee Perspective - Nick Heavyside - Contracts Manager

Nick, can you tell us a little bit about your role at A.P. Broome Landscapes?

I work as the Contracts Manager for the Scottish Power Department. This involves looking after a team of 24 operatives throughout the UK, who undertake grounds maintenance on over 12,000 hazardous installations as part of a lucrative partnership with the energy firm. I’m also responsible for our specialist tree team and manage the gritting/ snow clearance in the winter months!

That’s a big responsibility, have you always wanted to be involved in this level of Contract Management?
Yes, I’ve always been pretty ambitious with my approach. I jumped at the opportunity to progress when it was offered to me as I’ve always wanted to take on more and more responsibility. I’ve got aspirations to go even further, operational manager would be great!
Safe to say this wasn’t an overnight process, how long have you been at A.P. Broome Landscapes?
I’ve been here seven and a half years now, working my way up from operative level. I did two years out in the field as an operative, two years as a supervisor/auditor, one and a half years as an assistant manager and I’ve been in my current role for one and a half years. It’s been difficult, but I think the work I’ve put in has put me in a good position.
What’s kept you here for that amount of time? What makes A.P. Broome stand out from other companies for you?  
It’s a great company to work for. Our director has been fantastic in keeping the family – business atmosphere despite our recent success and growth, it allows for a really friendly working environment. The team itself is filled with really good individuals, hard workers and people with a lot of knowledge on the industry. The opportunities for progression, as I’ve experienced myself, are available for any staff willing to work hard. The company have always invested in people, and that’s a massive benefit.
When you look back at your time as a grounds maintenance operative, is there anything you miss?
I’m really happy with my current position, but from time to time I miss being out and about yeah. It was always a good atmosphere; we could have a good laugh whilst doing a good day’s work. There’s something satisfying about putting in the manual graft and knowing you’ve worked physically hard, it’s rewarding on a ground level. As a contracts manager I have a really close contact with all my operatives, so I still feel pretty involved with their daily work.
What adaptations have you had to make from that point in order to get to grips with your current role?
I’ve had to improve my man-management skills and I’d definitely say this role has brought me out of my shell a lot more in that respect. It’s been a challenge to liaise with high profile clients, but I’ve worked hard to build good relationships with the people at Scottish Power. Aside from that I’ve enhanced my higher analytical skills, and attained a much broader perspective of how the business works. I feel like I’ve been learning to be a manager and now I’m really comfortable in the responsibilities that come with the territory.
What do you think it takes to become a successful contract manager?
Fire in the belly! You have to have enthusiasm for what you do. It’s also important to think outside the box and really push new ideas, things that will help to bring the work in. Good interpersonal skills are a necessity and it helps massively to have a good working knowledge of the business model. I managed to develop my knowledge by working up through the ranks, experiencing every rung of the ladder, and that’s broadened my perspective and technical knowledge. That’s important too I think.

What do you consider to be your greatest challenge when managing this contract?
Ensuring that we continue to provide a first class service, which will serve to strengthen the relationship we have with our clients. The ultimate challenge is to sustain a long and fruitful partnership with Scottish Power, hopefully expanding upon the number of sites we currently look after in the years to come.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?
I used to be a keen cricketer and I still love cricket. Not many people in the business know this either, but I’m actually a fully trained light vehicle mechanic! 

15 October, 2014
Employee Perspective - Rick Swarbrick - Apprentice

Rick, you’ve been part of our apprenticeship scheme with Myerscough College since it started a few months ago, how are you finding work at   A.P. Broome Landscapes?
Yeah, I’m really enjoying it so far, it’s the best firm I’ve worked for and I’m more than happy with the position I’m in.
What influenced your decision to take up an apprenticeship?

It’s something I’ve always thought about. I started a course a few years back but it wasn’t the right one for me. This course sounds much better, it’s my last chance to combine work and education and I’m going to make the most of it.

Have you always taken an interest in mechanics?

I’d say I’ve always had an interest yeah, I’ve done some studying of my own and always dabbled with the practical side of things. I’m big into cars, mainly old ones, particularly old Volkswagen’s and others like that.
At the moment, we know you’re waiting for your college start date. Do you think it’s been beneficial that A.P. Broome have started your site experience early?

Definitely, it’s given me a good head start and I’ve been able to learn a lot that will help me with the course. 

We hear that you’re a bit of an all-rounder, have you enjoyed the varied nature of you current role?
It’s nice to have that variety, to not be stuck in one place all the time is a definite benefit. I’ve been doing a lot of vehicle and equipment repairs in the workshop but I often get to run various organisational tasks for the transport and assets department. Just recently I went along with them to a Saltex Equipment Exhibition in London to do some research on new products, it’s great to get that kind of opportunity.
What sort of tasks have you enjoyed the most?

I really enjoy being in the workshop, I’ve stripped down a good few engines so far. I’ve always been keen on mechanical problem solving, it keeps your brain active. One of my first projects was an entire engine swap which we did in my second week, that was great to experience so early on.

Are you looking forward to pairing your practical experience with theory when you head to college in September?
I was never really a big fan of school when I was younger, but now I feel differently about it. This time around I can’t wait to combine the practical with the theory side. It’ll give me a much more rounded view and offers me a different perspective on the things I’m doing practically.
From your experience so far, would you like to work for A.P. Broome for the long term?
I’d definitely say so. The only way I’m leaving is kicking and screaming! Seriously though, it’s a great company to work for. I’ve worked in plenty of places before and you’re just a digit to them. There’s a really nice family vibe to this company that is refreshing.
Tell us something interesting about yourself that we’d never know otherwise?
That’s a tough one! I guess I used to be massively into my outdoor activities and for a little while I was an archery instructor! I spent over a month in Kenya with scouts a while back also, which was a fantastic experience!
Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
I haven’t thought that far ahead so I don’t know about that. At the moment though, I couldn’t be happier with my job so I hope that will only continue and I can progress in this role. 

10 September, 2014
Employee Perspective - Emma Gibbons - HR Manager


It’s been 8 months now since you started, how are you finding life at A.P. Broome Landscapes?
I’d have to say both challenging and rewarding! It’s an exciting company to work for considering the rapid growth we continue to experience, which obviously requires a lot of work to keep up with. I’ve been given complete autonomy though and that’s allowed me to focus on the more positive aspects of HR, such as our new apprenticeship scheme, which has got off to a great start!
What convinced you to take on the role of our HR Manager?
I felt as though I needed a new challenge, and after speaking with Tony Broome I thought it would be an exciting time to join an ambitious business like A.P. Broome Landscapes. The company has a really good business strategy for the future and I knew straight away that I’d like to be part of that. Freedom as a HR professional was also a really important factor in my decision and I think on that front I’ve definitely made the right choice.
Did you always have an interest in HR?
I’d definitely say so. When I was 14, I did my school work experience placement in a personnel department and that sparked an interest in both business and working closely with people.
How is working at A.P. Broome Landscapes different to places you’ve worked previously?
The first company I worked for was very similar to A.P. Broome in terms of size and structure. It also had the same sort of family feel to it, despite being a medium sized company which I really liked. My last role was in the education sector with UCLAN and that was significantly different. They had very strict definitions of each employee’s job role and as a result a really rigid structure. The notion of autonomy is much more prevalent at A.P. Broome and that freedom is how I much prefer to work.  
We’ll bet you’ve met some interesting people along the way, any standout stories or rewarding moments?
There’s too many to mention! Generally though, I have always had a passion for seeing staff develop. I was always shy and quiet and I remember that my first job brought me out of my shell and allowed me to progress. I like to think having been through that myself, I can help to guide our staff onto a path where they can really develop as employees and people. I really find it rewarding to help people realise their potential!
What qualities do you think make for a great HR Manager?
You have to be able to see things from a number of different perspectives which can be really difficult. I think that every great HR manager has the ability to balance their fondness and empathy for people, with a strong business acumen. It’s all about having an awareness of both sides and striking a good balance in your approach. You have to be willing and able to make difficult decisions and have difficult conversations, which can be really hard when you care a lot about your staff.
What do you think is your greatest challenge in this position?
Finding the time to implement my ideology with a management team that is always expanding. Each person within the team is very focused on their particular role and I want to expand that and further promote the team atmosphere that is already so successful at the company.
Tell us something interesting about yourself?
Well I used to sing regularly when I was in my 20’s believe it or not! I’d gig around pubs and clubs all over the show!

Nowadays though, I raise awareness and do plenty of charity work for the lower limb disorder Talipes, which recently included running a half-marathon! I also have a blog and am heavily involved in focus support groups for mothers that are dealing with the effects of Talipes. It’s a subject that’s really close to my heart, and I love helping in every way I possibly can!

19 August, 2014
Planting in Knowsley

At A.P. Broome Landscapes, we have always prided ourselves upon being committed to the welfare of the environment and this is often reflected in the work we carry out. Recently we embarked upon an agreement with Knowsley City Council which will see 180 trees planted over the coming months. As a result of this, an influx of future greenery will rejuvenate the ecological landscape of the Knowsley area, with each and every tree planted also being staked, guarded and fitted with state of the art irrigation systems to ensure their longevity. This job, like many others, goes to emphasise the approach that our company takes towards environmental renovation and further conveys that A.P Broome Landscapes will make a conscious effort wherever possible to carry out regenerative environmental work.

26 February, 2014
December 2013 - Annual Staff Conference

On Thursday 12th December 2013, Wellington Park Hotel played host to the A.P. Broome Landscapes Annual Staff Conference. The marquee event was attended by over 90 of the company’s employees, who travelled from all corners of the UK to hear keynote speeches from Managing Director Anthony Broome, General Manager David Moss, and HSQE Manager, Victoria Green, amongst others. The scale of the conference in comparison to previous years served to highlight the growth and success of A.P Broome Landscapes over the past 12 months. It also offered a fantastic opportunity for the whole team to get together and appreciate the efforts of each individual contribution to the overall achievement of our company. Onwards and upwards for 2014!

25 February, 2014
Emergency Tree Work

Following the recent adverse weather conditions, our Rapid Response Emergency Tree Team have been doing their upmost to return some semblance of safety and normality to the worst affected areas. The team, headed by our specialists Andy O’Kane and Phil Evans, worked through the night on Tuesday and Wednesday to eradicate any hazardous conditions with the potential to cause issues for the general public.

Our highly trained operatives put themselves in the line of 80/90mph winds in order to ensure the safety of houses, parks and motorists. One large tree had been uprooted and was encroaching directly upon an inhabited residence, posing an obvious public safety risk. The quick, efficient reaction from our tree team allowed this tree to be removed safely and therefore eliminated the risk of property damage or personal injury to those inside. The team also cleared several large and medium sized trees from roads and pathways, allowing the general public to face only minimal disruption to travel.

A.P. Broome Landscapes are proud that our specially trained operatives are working whenever necessary to keep you safe in the face of adverse conditions. 

25 February, 2014
Another Successful Audit from Achilles - February 2014

A.P. Broome Landscapes are proud to announce that we sailed through another Verify B2 Site Visit Audit from Achilles with flying colours, improving our overall pass rate to an average of 95% across the three assessment categories. The ‘Achilles Audit’ is designed to provide a trusted, independent assessment of a supplier’s true capabilities and we were recently examined in terms of our adherence to Achilles' high Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality standards. The seal of approval from Achilles is a widely recognised and highly sought after qualification that sets us one step above our competitors, and allows us to count some of the UK’s largest organizations amongst our clientele.  This year’s fantastic audit results merely reiterate the dedication to high quality service that has always been a staple of the A.P Broome Landscapes ideology. You can read what HSQE Manager Victoria Green said about our results below:

Our Verify B2 Site Visit Audit was completed on 5th February 2014.
Health & Safety                 -              97.8%
Environment                      -             91.3%
Quality                                 -            95.7%
Our assessment scores this year are the highest we have ever received.
Well done to Paul Mullen, Troy Carsley & Tom O Hara who were the team representing the company, and to all of our operational field who continue to deliver an excellent service to our clients. These outstanding results are an official recognition of our commitment to deliver safe working practices and to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.’ 

25 February, 2014
March 2013

UVDB Achilles external audit carried out with an excellent average scores of 81.86% (Management Systems) and 88% (Onsite Assessment).

19 March, 2013
February 2013

AP Broomes held their annual staff conference at the Railway in Leyland, Preston. All 70 staff attended to hear news on the company performance and receive updates on Health and Safety matters, changes to policy etc. Tony Broome the MD took the opportunity to thank all staff for their hardwork in 2012.

19 March, 2013
February 2013

National Grid Distribution 3 year grounds maintenance contract awarded to AP Broomes covers gas sites in the North West, Midlands and East Anglia.

19 March, 2013
January 2013

Scottish Power Energy Network 2 year grounds maintenance contract awarded to AP Broomes covering electric sites in Scotland, North West England and Wales. 

19 March, 2013
December 2012

AP Broomes continues their impeccable Health & Safety record with another year of 0 RIDDORs and an IFR of 0%.

19 March, 2013